Résumé Sample – Senior Human Resources


Mid-Level Résumé in Human Resources

Moira has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and for the last few years had been working at two companies which combined was a fulltime position. She was ready for a change and we wanted to emphasize the diversity of her experience. she had worked with companies that were global and she wanted to focus on finding a position with a company in rapid growth and would allow her to use her strength in coaching, dealing with international companies and making sure the systems were in place to sustain the growth.

We created a package for Moira including her LinkedIn, resume and cover letter. I have changed the names of the person and the companies. This sample is an example of the style of resume I produce. A Client is given three resumes, one graphic resume that is visually pleasing in Word so they are able to modify it, a resume in PDF and one that is Applicant Tracking Friendly (ATS). Many employers are using ATS systems to store resumes and you need to makes sure your resume has the key words and can make it through the system.

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